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Bikejoring: Bike Antenna


Finally, a bike antenna that meets our demands for high quality at a low price! 

Bikejoring just got a whole lot safer! Designed to mount under your handlebars this bike antenna will help you keep the line from sagging and hitting the wheel as you ride. It only takes a second for diaster to strike, loose lines and wheels DO NOT MIX! 

Notice the spring? This makes the bike antenna safer for riding as well, in the event of an epic wipeout, the antenna will bend rather than act as a bayonnet. The danger posed by the old style bike bayonnetts is why we have never sold them in the past. The price of the other models is why we did not carry them. But this product meets all our standards. 

Safe. Secure. Strong. Made in Canada. 

Click here for https://youtu.be/2jtIokvtbc0" target="_blank">Instalation Instructions (YouTube)

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