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Harness: Wheel Dog


Kicksleding with dogs is becoming more and more popular, and we have just the right harness for you!  Kicksledding has some unique considersations.  A kicksled is not designed for a dog to pull, so the attachment point tends to be very low!  If you run your dog in a traditional dog sledding harness on a kicksled, you are going to be putting a whole lot of pressure on your dog's back end.  Not cool!  

Howling Dog Alaska designed this harness for wheel dogs on sled teams.   Featuring a metal ring, which sits by the dogs back legs, the harness doesnt' touch anywhere near the top of the dog's body.  Instead, the harness is a little longer than the dog's body.  Still allowing them to pull properly from their shoulders, without putting any pressure on their hips and back end.   Still with me? 

Belle and Burger use this harness to haul gear in for our winter camping! This harness is also popular with pet dog people who want their dogs to pull their kids in a sled. So MUSH fun! 

 Fitting tips: Do not size the harness too long! The harness should be only slightly longer than the dog's body (when stretched). It needs to be long enough to "free" the dog's pelvis. The metal rings should sit at the groin area.

Measurement "A": Around the neck (about two inches below the usual collar position) Measurement "B": From in between the shoulders to the end of the body

 S: A 18-19 inches, B 20 inches

M: A 20 inches, B 22 inches (46 - 56 lbs.)

L: A 21-22 inches, B 24 inches (57 - 67 lbs.)

XL: A 23 inches, B 26 inches (68 - 78 lbs.)

XXL: A 24-25 inches, B 28 inches (79 - 89 lbs.)

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