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Belt: Howling Dog Alaska Trekking Belt

$44.99 $49.99

Hands free, the way to be!  This is a sturdy belt, that allows you to get out and move with your dog!  Our Trekking Belt is our best selling belt, and for good reason!  This versatile beast can hanfle anyhthing you want to do with it!  Strong enough for skijoring, light enough for canicross and sturdy enough for hiking.

The belt has one big clip on the front, easy enough to undue when you have gloves on!  Those of you with bad backs, and those of you who don't want a bad back, will appericate how WIDE the belt is!  Nice and wide with plenty of padding on the back! This is a very comfortable belt, you may not even want to take it off, which is fine with us!  

 A note for those crazy ones amond us, this is also the belt we sell for mountainboarding with dogs.  Because the strap is free to move about, and pivot. So if your dogs are pulling you down a trail on your mountainboard, the attachment point can be safely at your hip.  Put the board away, and go for a walk?  The attachment point will slide back to position. 

We also love this belt for hands free snowshoeing. Carry your poles and camera, without having to worry about leashes!

The Trekking Belt is one size fits all, and is fully adjustable! There is a seceret zippered pocket at the back that holds your keys or phone, and the water bottle holder holds your beverage of choice!  

A seriously cool belt at a great price!   You won't beleive the quality! 


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