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Line: Two Dog Skijoring

$49.99 $60.00

This two dog line is suitable for running dogs while skijoring, canicross, bikejoring, scootering and kicksledding.  This is a drama free line!  About 8 feet long, fully streched out it reaches 9 feet.  Each dog is hooked to their own bungee.  Which is awesome for keeping your dogs honest!  

Often with inexperienced teams, one dog does all the work, and the other just learns to keep the line tight.  Each dog on their own bungee is going to allow you to see that both dogs are doing their share of the work! 

These are high quality lines, made with an internal artic grade bungee.   The lines are knotted, not sewn.  Ensuring they will last and last!  Unless of course, you take the knot out.   REPEAT AFTER ME: The knot is supposed to be there!  

Got it? Good!  Now order this line. Even if you only have one dog, you are going to need a 2 dog line at some point!  What is that awesome skijor dog follows you home?  What if you trade in your spouse for a couple of dogs?   You need this. 

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