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Foot care: Nutrazinc®


If your flyball or disc dog is always blowing a pad, then this a product you need.  Have bad feet got your pull dog sitting on the sidelines, then you need to talk to us about Nutrazinc®.

What is Nutrazinc®?  

Nutrazinc is a nutritional supplement for hard working dogs (sled dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, flyball and disc dogs).  Nutrazinc® has been used by many of the top mushers for years. 

Zinc is the second most utilized trace mineral in the body. (Iron is first). The body does not really have a way to store Zinc, so sufficient daily levels must be introduced.  Zinc may be presnet in your dog's food, but not all zinc is created equaly, nor is it abosorbed equaly in the dog's body.  

Feeding Nutrazinc® helps to promote tougher feet and healthier coats in dogs.  This is the important part, using Nutrazinc® reduces the occurrence of splits and cracks in-between a dog's toes, as well as nail breakage.  

The 8 oz. jar contains approximately 888 individual doses.  It really does not take much dietary zinc to make a big difference .  

The feeding of any supplment is not to be taken lightly. Like anything else, there can be too much of a good thing. Zinc does have a toxicity level, but because there is no way to store Zinc in the vital organs, toxic levels of Zinc come from one time large doses.   Follow the directions. 

We have used zinc on our working dogs for years.   Within a very short time, you will notice improvements in the condition of the coat, and paw pads of the dogs.   

 We do not ship NutraZinc to the USA. 

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