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Harness: The Flash

$39.99 $49.99

The Flash Harness, designed by the proffesionals at Howling Dog Alaska, is the first FULLY REFLECTIVE harness on the market!  Look at this sexy thing!   

Similar to the Second Skin, it's construction distributes the weight evenly across the dog's chest, and really allows them to pull and dig in! 

These are an excellent harness for short or medium haired dogs. An added benefit of this unique construciton is that the harness takes all the pressure off of the dog's hips! No more crabbing.

All this, and you can still be seen in the dark!  

To properly fit the Flash harness, measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. Not sure about size? Go by the weight of your dog!

•S 18.5-19 inches (40 - 50 lbs.)

•M 19.5-20 inches (51 - 60 lbs.)

•L 20.5-21 inches (61 - 70 lbs.)

•XL 21.5-22 inches (71 - 80 lbs.)

•XXL 22.5-23 inches (81 - 90 lbs.)

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