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Customer Testimonials

"Kev Roberts of Oxford Dogs was sooo amazingly helpful when I was in search of the right type of gear for the jobs my dogs do ."

- Allyson Mitton (Skijoring, Kicksledding)


" I bought all my harnesses from Oxford dogs because of their great customer service and wealth of knowledge when it comes to harness sports. When I get a new student, I always recommend Kev Roberts and Oxford dogs for their 1st harness and gear."

- Doug Stoakley, (Bikejoring, Mushing) NB Urban Mushing


Kev shared his experience with disc dogging and coached us not only to improve our throws but also to improve our teamwork with our canine companions. Kev shared his knowledge and experience to help us get the right product to enjoy disc dogging with our canine companions. - Leigh Page, Disc Dogger, HiJynx Dog Sports CLUB