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Learn how to Mush

New Brunswick  Lessons

New Brunswick people, if you are looking for lessons on Urban Mushing, our friend Doug is the guy to talk to!   Doug is a great guy, who will get you and your dog out having fun!  Click here for New Brunswick Urban Mushing

Manitoba Lessons

Based in Winnipeg, Grassroots Canine offers a wide range of training classes.  From dog training, to the popular Human-Canine Fitness Classes, In Home Consults and Educational Seminars their proffesional staff have got you covered!  Grassroots also offers Canicross classes and Snowshoe with Spot excursions! Check out their site here

Winnipeg people, check out Peg City Disc Dogz  Peg City hosts a weekend of disc dog trials each August, as well as their annual Halloween Trial!   Peg City plays under the Canadian Disc Dog Association rules. 
Handmade Leashes and Gear
Looking for funky collars and tugs? Lovett N Leash It Dog Gear has you covered!  Tested on a pack of flyball and agility Weimaraners, they will have what you need!  Click here for the site Lovett N Leash It Dog Gear 
Winnipeg Mushing

A group that gets together to run the trails in and around Winnipeg, you can check out  Winnipeg Skijoring Meetup Group on their Facebook page. 

Kenora Mushing

Looking for lessons or info on dog-powered sports, in Kenora, Ontario?   Check out our friends on Facebook at Skijor & Dog Sports in Kenora

Winnipeg Mushing

Interested in skijoring or kicksledding in Manitoba? Check out Snow Motion's website

HiJynx is home of UpDog in Manitoba.  What's UpDog? It's kind of a cross between agility and disc! It's lots of fun! Check out their club